A hard to find boxed set rom 1957. The 490 powered unit is E with nothing missing or broken. The unit runs, but would need serviced if you plan on operating. The 492 unit is E with nothing broken or missing. The horn and roar work. The 900, 901, 902 and 903 coaches are all E with no broken skirts and clean chassis. A collector quality set.

The engine boxes are nice and square with plain descriptions, all flaps and no tape repair. The coach boxes are also nice and square with clear descriptions, no missing flaps or tape repair. The 903 box has part of the coupler flap missing. All boxes have the correct 1957 date.

The set box is complete with all flaps, but two of the corners have been reinforced from the inside. The label is faded but the number is readable.

Set is complete with a boxed 22030 100 watt transformer, twenty track locks in the envelope, a boxed horn control and boxed uncoupler. Also included is a box of 26720 curved track, authorized service stations, and three other instruction sheets.

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