Very nice boxed set purchased from known North West collector when he liquidated his collection several years ago. This is his grading of the set.

21925 Power unit is E with a possible reproduction horn. Engine runs but would need serviced for operation.

21925-1 Dummy unit is E+ with the middle trumpet of the horn missing. Ringing bell works.

24837 Combine is E with nothing broken.

24838 Coach is E+ with nothing broken.

24839 Vista Dome is E with nothing broken.

24820 Observation is E+ with nothing broken.

The set box is complete but is dingy from age. All of the car boxes are nice and square with clear descriptions but have some tape repairs and missing coupler protector flaps.

Set is complete with a boxed 22030 transformer, boxed 706 uncoupler and box of 26720 curved track. Also included is an authorized service station book, operating instructions and a blue order form.

Buyer pays $40.00 for fully insured UPS Ground Shipping.