American Flyer Signal Crossing Lights Very Good Shape.

American Flyer Signal Crossing Lights
All original. Nothing replaced or restored.
Very good condition. Marks on the sign (see picture).
Ok, gang. I don't know anything about model trains and tonight I'm listing part my childhood with 7 or 8 items that were bought by my father between 1949 and 1953, the last year we put up the train set.
The grading is based on a seller's web page information who seems reliable. As I said, I don't have a clue about this stuff and I never thought I would dig it out and sell it, but times are a bit hard for all so...
I had an American Flyer train but all the accessories were (almost all) Lionel. My Pop didn't have a clue either, but he bought me a thing or two every year and we took forever to hook it up. In 1954 I was deeply in to piano and comics and Pop was sick that year so that's how I know what time frame this was bought. After missing one Christmas we never put up the train again.
Sorry to ramble on so much but you know how it is...or someday you will.
Ah well.
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