American Flyer Standard Gauge President's Special Set 4689 Varny Sirus (1972)


An impressive reproduction of the pre war American Flyer Commander locomotive President's Special. Each piece is 18" long for a total length of almost 8 feet!

This is a rare set made in the USA by Varney Sirus in 1972. It is old now as the originals were then!

This was the first and arguably the best and most accurate reproduction Presidents set, and it was made in the USA!

All the cars and the loco have brass plates, and each car has the on-off ligh switch

It was bought new by a late TCA chapter president and was displayed on a shelf for the past 40+ years

Includes 4689 locomotive, runs and lights excellent. Wheels show only a trace of use. With eagle and flags

The stanchions that secure the rail along the top are very soft brass and tend to just pop out. Some were missing which we have replaced. The new ones are sturdier and a bit different in tone and I would recommend doing the rest (Brasseurs Trains has them).

There is a small scratch on the roof. Otherwise pretty much as new!

The cars are all in similar condition. The 4391 has a scratch on the roof. Thats all I see.

Set includes 4390 West Point Club Car, 4391 Academy Pullman, 4392 Army-Navy Observation and 4393 Annapolis Diner

Zoom in on all to check in detail!

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