American Flyer Train Service + Parts Manuals on CD NEW

American Flyer Train Service + Parts Manuals on CD

This is an AutoStarting CD. Just insert the CD into your CD drive and the program starts automatically, bringing up a nice menu to help find what you are looking for quickly. Not just a bunch of miscellaneous files copied to a CD like others are selling. Files are also bookmarked for easy searching. All these old manuals are professionally digitally reproduced at 600dpi resolution. There are over 590 MB of Adobe PDF files on this CD, not just one manual scanned in.

You will be fascinated by the prices in the old catalogs and amazed by what these old trains and components are worth in today's dollars.

Learn what that old train you have is really worth and know which American Flyer items to grab at that next estate sale.

With this CD you will become an American Flyer Train Expert.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is also included on the CD in case you don't already have it.

Included on This CD:

Action Items

Setting up a Train Layout


Train Catalogs

Accessories Catalog



General Information

Grading Standards


Santa-Fe Diesel

Santa-Fe locomotives

Service Locomotives

Service Misc.
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