AMERICAN FLYER Train Set LOT-Engines, Cars, Transformer

Today we are offering for auction this AMERICAN FLYER train lot. This lot is being offered "AS IS" simply because I am not very familiar with the trains or how they work. This train set has been played with and shows only usual but not excessive use. The pieces offered here are as follows:
(1)-The American Flyer Engine and Coal Car-This engine is a #302 AC, it appears to be complete the coal car and the wire are firmly attached to the engine, there does not appear to be any missing or broken pieces. Cosmetically both pieces are clean and show only VERY minor paint loss.
(2)-American Flyer Box Car #642-This car also appears to be complete, with no missing or broken parts. Cosmetically-however there is a small corner missing as seen in picture 5 of the listing, other than that no paint loss and very clean, hooks are firmly attached.
(3)-American Flyer Grain Car #640-Clean and in GOOD condition, no missing or broken pieces, no paint loss, appears to be complete.
(4)-American Flyer Caboose #638-VERY CLEAN, no paint loss, no missing or broken pieces, hooks are firmly attached.
(5)-American Flyer No.1 Transformer-Cord is clean, I have plugged it in and do hear a humming noise so I can only assume it works. No rust, or dents on the casing, control knob and terminals are all in tact.
Payment must be made within
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