American Flyer Train Set - Lots of Accessories - 58/59?

Americn Flyer Train Set - Consists of the following: #283 Engine (4-6-2), chug, light and tender (Northwestern Lines), B&O Coal Car #801, Pennsylvania Gondola #805, ATSF The Chief West Box Car #803, American Flyer Log Dump Car #904, Gulf Tank Car #925, Rocket Launcher Car #969, American Flyer Caboose #806. Includes 20 sections of long curved track, 4 short sections of curved track, 6 sections of short straight track, 27 long sections of straight track, 1 re-railer track section (highway crossing). Also includes AF Whistle Billboard, 3 RR Crossing Gates, 1 Track Power Clip, 1 Accessory Clip, 1 UTC Lionel Universal Lock On, 14 People figures, 2 Speed Limit signs, 1 School Slow sign, 1 Slow sign, 2 Street Lamposts, 2 Park Benches, 1 Fire Alarm box, 2 or 3 small funnels for pouring smoke fluid in engine stack, 1 RR Property Keep Out sign, Box of Misc,Funnel, 1/2 doz. light bulbs, screws, misc track clip, 24 pieces of Trestle, 18 Track Clips, Box of GE bulbs #CG 410-0 with 4 new bulbs, 4 houses (Plasticville), 1 Track Maintenance Shed, 1 Plasticville Train Station, 1 RR Yard Tower, 1 Freight Platform, 1 RR Water Tower, 1 Double Switch Control, 2 Switches (left & right), 3 Uncouplers, 3 Uncoupler Controls, 1 Unloading Car Control, 1 Track Bumper, 2 Envelope's with track pins (not full but maybe a dozen pins), 1 AC Gilbert Part

This set is in very nice condition, the engine is very clean, no damage, part of the number 8 is missing on the right side decal. Tender is nice with no damage. All of the cars have no damage, even on the corners, cars have magnetic prototype couplers. Plasticville pieces have some dirt on them and need a good cleaning. This would make someone a nice addition to their American Flyer collection. Selling at no reserve to the highest bidder. NO INTERNATIONAL SALES, only sales to USA buyers. I would like to have this picked up locally rather than trying to ship it and have some damage occur. Shipping would be very expensive due to weight and size of package. Good Luck Bidding!

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