American Flyer Trans 250 watts two track circuits # 12B

American Flyer Transformer model # 12B. No this does not change into "bubble bee" or a tractor trailer, not Transformer the movie. This is for two separate train circuits. The voltage was measured at both outputs at 5 - 17.6 Volts AC. T is also a 15 volt post for all your accessories! T is a green light for; OK to go or red to indicate a short on the track. It has a safety reset so you do not burn anything up! I have had this hidden away in the Closet for many years and it is time to bring it back into action. It can be yours at the highest bid good luck and may the force be with you... that is another movie. This transformer is 250 watts of power that some bit of force!
Buyer pays for shipping & only in the US. The unit weight is 12 lb. that is about $25 FedEx Ground.
Have fun and enjoy!