Rare American Flyer White's Discount Center boxed set 20212

American Flyer collectors, what could be better than a chance to aquire the ultra rare C1001 White's box car? How about acquiring the 1962 boxed set 20212 in which the car was made for? This 1962 uncataloged set produced for sale to the White's Discount Center in Wichita Falls Texas not only contains the rare C1001 box car, but also contains the F-9 combo 21206 and 21206-1 along with the complimentary rolling stock and original set box with the White's Stores Inc stamp and shipping label. This shows signs of use, but is overall excellent condition, I would grade it overall as C-7. The centerpiece C1001 box car shows little playwear. Trucks, couplers and wheels are in excellent condition. The base is clean and rust free. Catwalks are in tact. There is no brake wheel, but from what I've seen in other photos of this car, I do not think it left the factory with one even though the body has accommodations for one. The lettering is crisp and strong, with the only flaw being a minute scratch on the "W" of the WSX on one side. Both the power and dummy engine are also in excellent condition with no cracks or breaks. Both units retain their horns. The lettering is strong on both units and both have their original nose decals and headlight stickers. When bench tested, the power unit's motor ran strong, but it's drive wheels were not moving. ... read more