American Flyer Wide Gauge - Russell C Park book 1971


Softcover: 33 pages.
Condition: light cover wear. See images in listing. INTRODUCTION
During American Flyers production of Wide Gauge Electric Trains (1925-
1936) events and decisions took place that has created much of the con-
fusion that exists today. American Flyer's desire to please the public could
be the number one reason for the difficulty the novices or uninitiated ex-
perience in identifying many of these items and sets.
lt is the intention ot the writer to explain and point out that certain
models and sets do exist and the reasons for their existence, and ot equal
importance, the unraveling ot any mystery concerning American Flyer and
its production ot Wide Gauge Electric Trains.
Every model (or set) catalogued from 1925 through 1930 is shown, in
color, To help you To identify Those in sets. A final chapter has been added
To show you many of The special seTs and "odd—balls" That Flyer has been
known To make.
It is hoped that the material contained herein will lend itself to a better
understanding of a great line of electric trains and, in closing, the bald
headed step—child of the toy train industry is finally emerging

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