Thisbeautiful engine was meticulously restored in the seventies and has been displayed behind protective glass ever since. It was produced by A.F. in the early 1930s. The motor, including remote forward/reverse, is in great working order having been recently tuned and rewired by Bob Hannon who literally wrote the book on motor repair. Cosmetically the engine and tender are absolutely beautiful. The engine runs very smoothly with working head, boiler and cab lights…quite the looker and light show. The levers for forward only versus remote directional control work as they should. During restoration, a Lionel remotely controlled whistle was installed in the tender. This is powered by a single plug in connector from tender to the rear of the engine cab. The presence of the whistle is not at all noticeable and was done in a manner that in no way damages the original integrity of the tender or the engine. However it works great and provides a neat operating enhancement. To find a better looking or smoother running vintage Piper would be very difficult.

I have been restoring vintage trains for my own enjoyment for about 25 years. Starting with a toy in poor condition and returning it to its original mechanical and cosmetic glory is kind of like preserving something special that would otherwise surely perish. I do not

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SPOUSE NOTE: My husband won't toot his own whistle, so to speak, although no pun is intended. I cannot tell you how many people who have purchased his toys or trains comment that his photos do not do his work justice. We have repeat loyal buyers (Thank you SO much!) who know that his work is truly fine art. Take a chance on this one!

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