American Girl Clothing & Accessory Super Pack (approx. 100 items!)

Save money & time with this American Girl Accessory Super Pack. It includes the best American Girl accessories availble and more, including:

American Girl Get Well Accessories (wheelchair, crutches, casts, balloon), American Girl Bath Set (robe, headgear, plastic toothpaste, toothbrush, lotions and creams), American Girl Athletic Gear (ski set including jumpsuit, goggles, helmet, skis, poles, and boots; cheerleading outfit; ice skates; roller skates; gym bag, etc), American Girl Pet Set (Licorice, Honey, and Coconut) and various American Girl brand accessories including tights, underwear, and Hair Styling book. GREAT value for a full set of high quality AG accessories!

PLUS - we will also include a box of over 50 additional pieces of clothing and accessories, and a doll stand that fits one 18" American Girl doll. These accessories are NOT the American Girl brand, but have the same style and quality. These will be marked separately from the other American Girl brand accessories.