American Girl Doll Lot Of 4 Dolls Clothes Boy And 3 Girls Molly Jly Truly Me TLC

American girl doll lot of four dolls and clothes. TLC
They are used and well loved.
They will have various marks and scuffs. They will also have the normal shiny spots. Some may have stains on body. Or marks an arms and legs. Eyes work well.
Pleasant company brown hair slightly curly at the ends. Molly? No tag on body. Light pink/red spot on her arm and a small one on her leg. Has a small black spot on her neck. See pictures. Comes with a pink shirt and pink skirt. Handmade. Hair is thinning may have been cut.
Pleasant company blond hair. Had bangs got cut short. Pleasant company tag on the body. Has some small marks on her legs. May have marks on arms. Used.
Comes with a pink eyelet dress and pink pants handmade.
Pleasant company on neck. Short brown hair.pleasant company tag on body. Has stains on body. May have marks on arms and legs. Has a markered 2gr on foot. See picture. Has remains on pink nail polish on her hands. See pictures. Comes in gray shirt and blue skinny jeans. Handmade.
American girl on neck. American girl tag on body 2011. Just like you.
Has light pink/red mark on arm. See picture. Look a like to Emily. NOT Emily. Has marks on her. Hair has been cut in the front. Has stains on body. Ears pierced.
Comes with everything in the picture. Sold as is. Email for more pictures or with
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