American Girl Kit Kittredge Green Metal Trundle Folding Mattress Double Bed

You are viewing an authentic American Girl Doll green metal trundle bed with mattress. Belonging to Kit Kittredge. The bed has multiple uses, it can be a single bed, double bed and a couch! It was designed to fit two American Girl Dolls, but if you put the dolls close enough together the bed can fit three dolls. Included is the metal bed frame & mattress.A few of thin metal bars that hold up the mattress are bent & one of the bars on one end is unattached from the frame, but not popping up. Once the mattess in on the bed, you can not tell the difference. It's only noticeable if you are looking at the bare bed frame. There are also some minor scuffs on the metal head & foot board pieces. All in all this is stil a great American Girl piece with years of play time still to come. I also have Kit's bedding listed, as well as many other American Girl items. Please take a look & feel free to e-mail me with any questions.