American Girl Lindsey plus a few extras!

This auction includes the following items: 1. American Girl Of The Year, Lindsey (2001). She was purchased second hand on eBay. She was in really rough shape. Has since been sent to the AG doll hospital to get a new head. Now, she is in great shape! While she was there, she got her ears pierced (stars). Her side tag says "American Gril" (We heard that this was a mistake by the company on a bunch of these Lindsey dolls). She comes with stick on braces, an AG Place star hair clip, AG Place Boston shirt (tagged AG), pink undies (tagged AG), capri jeans from AG Place (tagged AG), white, pink and berry sneakers from AG Place (AG stamped inside). All clothing is in excellent condition. On the bottom of both feet, there are some faded stains. She has a few rubs on her body. Her arms and legs could use a light cleaning. Her torso has a few stains on the front and under one arm (not sure what it is, but it came from the previous owner. The stains are light pink. We did not try to remove them.). She is able to stand unassisted. Neck strings have not been cut. She has been part of an adult collection since purchased on eBay. 2. A mini American Girl Cecile doll. Excellent condition. Part of an adult collection. 3. An American Girl Doll Hospital gown. Excellent condition. Was taken right off another doll when she arrived back from the doll hospital.