American Girl Samantha huge lot,65+ clothes, bed, etc.

American Girl Samantha Parkington lot of 65+ pieces: Samantha doll, Samantha's bed with mattress, pillow, and bedding, "Jip" (Samantha's dog), NIP Samantha DVD, clothing, accessories



This used American Girl Samantha doll is in very good condition. I believe she's an older doll with the thicker body and the very soft eye lashes. She has very thick brown hair that is a little dry on the ends and brown eyes that are in perfect working order. Pleasant Company is stamped on the back of her neck, and she has no body tag. Her limbs are firm, and I can detect no odors or marks on her body or limbs. Samantha is retired from the American Girl Company and is no longer available from them.

SAMANTHA'S STORY: Samantha Parkington is growing up in a wealthy household in 1904. She is an orphan who lives with her very proper "Grandmary" and various household employees. She is an adventurous girl who tries to stretch the limits of what her grandmother considers acceptable behavior.


1. Samantha's Meet Outfit: checked taffeta dress, black tights, black shoes, checked ribbon and hat. The hat is missing the ribbons and has a little dent in the crown. The dress is new and authentic.

2. Samantha's party dress: cranberrry taffeta, trimmed with white lace and ruffles
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