American Greetings Ingleby Village Lot of 2 Houses NIB

Ingleby Village by American Greetings

Lot of 2 Lighted Porcelain Houses

Brand New in Box
actually in box es if we want to get technical

The Banker's House
6-1/4 H x 7-1/2 W x 6-1/4 D
Interior lighted scene of girl and boy decorating Christmas Tree.

The Barn
6-1/4 H x 7-3/4 W x 6-1/4 D.
The barn has a number of open windows on the side and back so that the light shines out well and will illuminate trees or other accessories well.

These designs are based on original artwork by Bob Pettes.

The images are from my own houses, but items being sold have not been removed from their boxes.
And t is no bell hanging from the barn, I did that myself and I have no idea why. T's a little hookie type chainey type thing t and so ... I hung a bell on it. But t's not one that comes in the box. Also some of those trees are mine. Look at the images of the boxes to see what is included with your purchase. I'm sounding like one of those weird advertisements ... like the ones selling a refrigerator but the picture shows it loaded with food and so they feel like they really have to tell me "Contents Not Included."

I enjoyed these houses as a part of my Christmas village display These houses are a good value and stopped my husband from suggesting that the center
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