AMERICAN made golf outing kit 50 plastic colored divot tools, rated #1 in golf

AMERICAN made product since 2001

Red,. & blue + green, plastic loop pik Divotools with white 7/8" dia ball markers
Patented WEDGE design rated # 1 in the golf industry since 2001. Pushes the grass laterally by moving grass around the divot into the ball mark
Bulk buy 1 lot 5000 divotools $500
TEST KIT --buy 100 mixed colored loop pik Divotools w/ball markers for $30; free shipping
Mix your colors for colorful tee box give away DO-IT-RIGHT Divotools
Visit Divotool site for more product information
Warfield Industries 8991 Ferndale Ln ,Eden Prairie,MN 55347
100% USA recycled material