American Marble Co! Here's a wonderful little Vintage crate, that packs a heafty punch....Never Opened, Stuffed with a glorious variety of gorgeous Marbles! The sweet wooden crate, measures 3-1/4" Tall, 4-1/4" long-side to side, and 3-1/2" from back to front. On the covers (there's one on the back and front) that read American Marble Co, 12 Dozen Made in USA. Have not found another one like this, anywhere.........I've held my black light to it and there are some that glow. I want to open this and see them!!! Don't you? OK! Get busy bidding, you've got 7 days, Bookmark this so you do not miss out !!!..... I've had these for a ka-billion years, people wanting to buy them for I don't know how long and I kept saying no. Until now. Now I say yes, to the highes bidder! ITEM SOLD AS IS, THEY SHIP FOR 5.00 ANYWHERE IN THE USA ONLY & INSURED FOR FREE---NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Please note that I do not accept any returns on ANY of my items, I've never had ONE piece rejected or asked for return for the last 35 years. I describe each item to the best ability and honesty, , I am presently paring down all 7 spaces I presently have at an antique mall, & have my own dedicated antique store. I have an impeccable reputation and have been selling to other dealers and ebayers for years . BID RESPONSIBLY!! YOUR PAYMENT: I Send ONE INVOICE

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