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Here is a rare find, it is a handwritten manuscript / letter / note from the IRISH JASPER GREENS , a southern militia regiment out of Savannah Georgia, it is some type of note for a group to be mustered out of Savannah Ga. to report to Mexico for the war of 1846 ....I tried to research some information for this piece, there is information on this company, IRISH JASPER GREENS , but we could not find any original handwritten papers from this period / war, so it is rare, some of the words are hard to read, but will translate the best I can , please see the scanned images also, " Company Roll " , The Irish Jasper Greens as mustered into the U S service on leaving Savannah for Mexico June 1846 Capt, John Mc Mahon - then it has a list of Lieutennant's , Sargeant's , Corporal's , and Drum Majors on left hand side, the right side list's the actual names, please see picture scan....the opposite side reads, The above Officers and something something?? privates Composed The Irish Jasper Greens The 68th name on Companies Roll is that of Daniel F. Fowles- which should read Daniel F. Fowles...... please note that this piece shows some minor tears around the edges.....some folds/creases....and a few specks/dirt spots.....measures approx. 9 3/4" wide x 8" is a very interesting piece of early

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