American Microphone Co. DR 332 Ribbon Microphone

Additional Information about MXL V67G Condenser Cable Microphone
Description This is a beautiful little Ribbon and Moving Coil microphone made by the American Microphone Co. in the 30's and 40's. It has a distinctive Art-Deco design and is really a nice piece of art, if nothing else. It sits on an Electrovoice announcer's stand with a locking push to talk button in back. As you can see from the photographs, externally, the mic is in very good condition, has a vintage XLR plug included, and would be a wonderful addition to anyone's collection. This mic is Non-functional as the ribbon has been stretched and can be seen through the grill attached to one side of the magnet, however, the moving coil may still be in usable condition. The mic has a series of jumpers under the label plackard that set the impedance and directional pattern of the unit. The mic cable has been blunt cut, but the mic has a standard 3 pin XLR connection on it that can be used easily. These mics were generally used in the 30's, 40's and early 50's and one can be seen in the closing scenes of "Back to the Future" as Michael J. Fox sings and plays at the prom, in a Twilight Zone episode, and throughout "Dreamgirls". A great addition to any collection. !