American Models #306 New York Central Hopper Car with Kadee Couplers

Up for auction is an American Models #306 New York Central hopper car number 823809. As may be seen this car is in excellent used condition. There are few signs of usage showing on the wheels and all detail is present and unbroken. The car is equipped with Kadee S scale couplers. The American Flyer compatible knuckle couplers are included but are not useable. The person who owned this car simply cut the couplers off of their mounting and installed the Kadees. I have supplied the last of American Models replacement couplers I had in my own personal stock so if you would like to use this car with American Flyer type couplers you will need to contact American Models to see if you can get some from them.
I should note that we have purchased a collection that includes a significant number of American Models and S Helper Service cars and locos that we will be offering over the next several weeks. Some, like this car have been converted to Kadee couplers while other remain as originally offered with Flyer compatible couplers. I will be sure to let you know which is which.
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