American Silver Eagle 2005 W High Proof Uncirculated

Other that the starting price this investment has no reserve and no shipping charge.

This coin is the best example of this series I have seen. The beautiful field is flawless. In fact no one has even touched the coin since the mint staffmember put the coin in the protective case. On the reverse t is a faint fingerprint smudge of the last guy at the mint to touch this coin. I wonder w he/she is now.......

This coin is a genuine Proof with the mints Certificate of Authenticity. But you may NOT know that all these proofs are not equal. A few of the grade in the HIGH PF range and this one is the best I have seen. If you cracked this one open and sent it in for grading I think you would be pleasantly surprised. THAT SETS THIS COIN APART FROM THE REST OF THE PACK!

Now if you don't care that this coin grades high, you can still purchase one of the most secure (in this economy at least) bullion investments. If you think I'm kidding just watch the price of silver in the next 18 months.

2005-W Silver American Eagle Gem Proof; An attractive proof version of the popular American Silver Eagle in original box with certificate. American Silver Eagles (aka Silver American Eagles ) abbreviated as ASE (or SAE) for short, were introduced by the US Mint in 1986 and have been produced every year since. The coins were
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