American Victorian Art Glass Bride's Basket Deep Red

This item dates to the 1880's and is the Victorian Art Glass Bride's Basket, this has the glass bowl and the silver plate holder/handle. The glass bowl is the blown and all hand zig zag crimped on the edge with the hand decorated enamel design that features a scroll pattern overall. This glass part measures 3-1/2" tall, 10-1/2" across side to side and 11-1/2" diagonally across. The glass is the ligth blue on the exterior, the deep blood red on the inside and the crystal trim on the very edge. The silverplate holder was made by the Homan Company and is in very good condition-t are no breaks in the metal, not damages, the silver does not look complete, but I have not tried to clean it. The overall size of the basket with the insert in place is 10-3/4" tall and 11" wide. Excellent condition overall on both pieces.