America's Conquest of Space 1979 commemorative stamp book SIGNED BY BUZZ ALDRIN

A great piece for stamp collectors, space collectors and autograph collectors! This is a large looseleaf book put out by the Postal Commemorative Society in 1979 with high-quality photos of key space missions. A U.S. commemorative postage stamp is affixed to each page, and all were canceled on the same day, July 20, 1979.
The highlight of this item, however, is the hand-signed autograph of Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin. We got him to sign this on a 1996 book tour for his novel Encounter with Tiber. He would not sign the page with the canceled Apollo 11 stamp (presumably because of some contractual obligation) but he agreed somewhat reluctantly to sign the frontispiece showing the lunar landing module with him and Neal Armstrong inside, since it didn't have a stamp on it. The full image is 15 by 10 inches and would look gorgeous if you took it out and had it framed.
The thirteen unsigned pages with postage stamps are Dr. Robert Goddard, Fort Bliss, Echo 1, Friendship 7, Gemini IV, Apollo 8, Apollo 11, Apollo 15, Skylab, Pioneer 10, Mariner 10, Apollo-Soyuz and Viking 1.