Amethyst Geode Druze

Amethyst Druze Geode

Here is an Amethyst Geode or Druze, although they are also commonly called ‘Churches’, ‘Cathedrals’ and ‘Madonnas’. It has crystals of a deep, rich purple colour, not the ‘wishy-washy’ pale crystals some of them have, but this made it more difficult for an amateur to photograph and show it at its best.

The geode is cut along its length to provide a polished face and across, to form a base on which it stands. This one has two Amethyst-crystal-loaded chambers separated by a layer of quartz. It stands 250mm tall x 150mm wide x 65mm deep and has a made-to-fit hardwood base into which it fits snugly, giving it stability.

It makes an interesting and beautiful ornament and / or a special gift to someone.

The starting price is considerably lower than the typical retail price in a shop for one of this size and quality. The pound coin is there to give it scale and is not included.

and thank you for looking.