AMF Aerobee 5 speed muscle bike banana seat bicycle

This is a very late 60's / very early 1970's, AMF AEROBEE AVENGER 5-SPEED Stick Shift Musclebike.

This bike still wears its original factory paint, including its original stickers and decals. I have owned this bike for quite a few years now and originally bought it for my daily transportation 6 years ago. It was mid-November in Wisconsin and I had no vehicle so I bought this for $200.00 in as-was condition (not good) and rebuilt the entire bike, wheels too, and rode it as my daily transportation all through the winter and into late july of that year. All through winter I kept it oiled and cleaned it daily, religiously, including meticulous cleaning and oiling of the chainguard, wheels and inside of the fenders to ensure this bike would be kept in pristine condition. I have cleaned the bearings, bearing cups, wheels, etc. and rebuilt the bike every year (It was only rode once during winter. After that never again!!! I could not bear to do that to it again!!!) and each time the bike is rebuilt I take everything apart, clean out the old grease, repack everything with new grease, clean all the chrome (wheels, fenders, chainguard, handlebars, anything chrome), clean up the frame, rebuild the wheels, put it all back together, and then adjust everything. It takes me about a week if I concentrate on just that and nothing else. Recently,
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