AMG Vintage Male 4 x 5 Single Weight Dad's Best Classic Collection

Enjoy these great photographs and the best prices you will find any where.

Thanks again for the support that you have giving my father .It has been a struggle but he is finally doing well. He wants me to thank everyone for the kind emails and words of support, as you know we have not been in California for the past few years we have been and seeking new treatment my father. Finally we are back in the east coast continuing his treatment..

. You can not find these anywhere online for this price , get them while they last. These photographs are in good condition.. I have collected these photographs for almost to many years to remember. From Bruce to Bob Mizer..who lived in my neighborhood,and of course Don Whitman ,Constance Spartan of Hollywood among with other lesser known photographers..

I have cherished these photographs for years, It's just the right time in my life to let them go. you for looking. I will combine up to 10 photographs per auction U.S email me if you have any questions thanks