AMI Jukebox 900 mech G,H,I,J.... Transfer motor

AMI 900 mech Transfer motor

Used in the following;


H100, 120, 200

I100, 120, 200

J100, 120, 200

Very limited stock left now.....When they're gone...they're gone

Stripped, Inspected, Correctly relubed, Tested And Fully Working

All our motors come with the correct AMI spec Brushes and springs installed

If you just need new brushes for your existing motor please look at our other auctions

Was removed from a working mech and placed in the stores a few years ago

We also stock all new and old spares for both AMI 900 and 1100 mechs even including new brushes for 900 mech transfer motors...Again if there is any thing you need please contact us and we will list any item on e-bay for you.

We are also able to offer a Jukebox repair service please ask and we can list the service on e-bay for you.

Pick up or postage available