AMI Rowe R-91 jukebox --- CHICAGO SHOW ---

AMI Rowe model R-91 jukebox in the tan / brown color. This is a working jukebox that is full of records mostly pop, rock, r&b from the 80s and 90s. All the records are in good condition and they have the correct titles strips. The jukebox has been throughly cleaned and lubricated. New needle. Power cord has been inspected and is in good condition. All the castors are in good condition and it rolls well. All the small flashing light bulbs have been replaced and are working. The control unit for the flashing lights is working correctly. Random flashing without music playing and flashes to the music when playing. Coin mech is t and works. Dollar bill validator is t but does not work. It is currently programed for free play but can be reset to accept coins. It plays well, sounds good and will play very loudly if you want it to. All the speakers are t and in good condition. The coin box door is t and the lock works. The lock for the cabinet lid is ther but the tumblers have been removed so any key will work to open it. The lid does not have any cracks. The display works correctly. The edges of the lid area have the usual scratches but it is still very nice looking. All the glass is in good condition.

*** If you will be attending the show in Chicago (St. Charles) I can bring it to the show for you to pick up for an additional
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