Amiga PCMCIA 16Mb compact flash adf transfer adapter

Welcome and many thanks for checking out this PCMCIA adapter for your amiga 1200 / 600.
It's a plug and play and very easy to use combination of hardware and software
It will enable simple and easy transfers of software / games / photos / music / demos and documents to and from your Amiga.
To use you simply put a flash disk (supplied) into you laptop or media card slott / usb reader, put any files you wish onto the flash disk (drag and drop in windows/Linux/osx) and then boot up the supplied floppy disk on your Amiga. .
The flash disk and conyents appear on your Amiga Workbench as a standard DOS drive!
The floppy also includes an easy to use installer just in case you want to put it on your hard drive.
The floppy also contains easy to use software in order for you to create real floppy disks from .adf disk images!
Easy to use system!
Many thanks for looking.