Ampeg BB-4 Vintage Upright Bass Circa 1967

1967 Vintage Ampeg BB-4 Upright Electric Bass Guitar

Collectors note: Comes with all original owners manual, warranty card, and original manilla authentic Envelope.

Only 2 Owners

My step-father is the second owner of this beatiful hand crafter piece of music history. Himself a fantastic bass player bought this from the original owner about 5 yrs. ago. It is played frequently and is properly tuned and taken care of.

Bieng only the second owner we also have the original warranty card, owners manual, list of original dealers and original envelope. All from 1967.

If your an avid lover of vintage basses or a collector you will not be able to live without this beatuiful bass. Let's face it, they just don't make 'em like this anymore.

Years of research went into building the Ampeg First all electric upright bass guitar. If you appreciate the good old days of bass playing, you owe it to yourself to own this piece of american music history.

The original design was licensed from Zorko and redesigned by Oliver Jesperson. The pickup was a diaphragm transducer positioned directly below the feet of the bridge. In theory this was supposed to translate the vibration of the strings into electrical energy in the same way that string vibration is translated into sound energy in an acoustic
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