Ampeg SVP Pro Bass Pre Amp

This is an American manufactured Ampeg SVP Pro PreAmp – many later Ampeg products are not US made. I bought it in November 1995 and used it regularly until mid-2002 but not since although I have tested it. This is an all tube preamp (four 12AX7’s and one 12AU7) and has a full and punchy sound. It has the ability to simulate an Ampeg SVT (it should, since it’s basically the front end of an SVT-II Pro amplifier). It has a completely all-tube path from input to output with the exception of the graphic EQ, which is solid state, and can be bypassed completely with a switch on the front panel. It has plenty of output to drive any power amp. It is in reasonable condition with some scratch marks on the top and marks consistent with a 19 year old product.