AMT/ERTL Star Trek Klingon Bird Of Prey Model

Rare 1995 AMT/ERTL Star Trek Generations "Klingon Bird of Prey" 1/650 scale model kit. Features: Highly Detailed Plastic Model Kit with 45 highly detailed pieces, Positionable Wings, Decals for the Klingon Bird of Prey, Cloaking Generator, Radiator Baffles, Fusion Reactor Covers, Photon Torpedo Emitter, Photon Shield, Wing Mounted Disruptor Canon, and Warp Drive Generator. Measures 10" long and has a 16" wing span when assembled. Brand New, In the box, still sealed in the plastic cover. Skill level 2. Ertl #8230. I stumbled across several Star Trek models, all from 1996 or 1995 at an auction of a "Trekie" collector. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to pick up some of these super rare discontinued model kits! I also have 3 sets of the Hamilton Collection Star Trek Mini-Collector plates available.