AMT ERTL Star Wars Pro Shop Electronic X-Wing fighter

Condition: New
Description: AMT ERTL Star Wars Pro Shop Electronic X-Wing fighter
Condition of Box: Good; All Sealed; Boxes may have slight dents.
Microstar Inventory Control Code: O-A
In 1971 A & J Hobby Shop began business in Cape Coral, they specialized mainly in model railroad accessories, they also carried wooden and plastic models, RC stuff and miniatures as well.
In 2004 Hurricane Charley devastated Florida's southwest coast and unfortunately A & J Hobby Shop was in Charleys path as well as the owners residence, by that dreaded Saturday morning the owner (75 years old) lost his house and hobby shop. Within a week after the hurricane the owner ended up in a convalescent home and was t until his death in December 2008. We obtained the inventory of A & J Hobby Shop in an auction and we are in the process of listing every single item we have. We will try to answer questions best we can but please keep in mind we're not hobby experts but we'll try to do our best.
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Highlights Include;
Over 800 bottles and cans of paint.... click for pictures of paint 12 materials & accessories racks.... click for pictures of display racks 500 + small hand and table tools (and accessories)... .click for pictures of tools 15 model ship building
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