AN/PRC 510 Portable FM Receiver/Transmitter

This is the Canadian version of the American G.I. AN/PRC 10. It looks and operates the same as the American version. It is a Frequency Modulated (FM) receiver/transmitter which can be backpack mounted or installed in vehicles. It looks reasonably clean and the knobs turn and seem functional. It has some dents, scratches and the like as could be expected for its age. I do not know if it works as I do not have a battery for it. I am trying to downsize on equipment. Included is the handset, unissued tape antenna W/flexible extension as well as a schematic and information sheet on the radio.

Technical Characteristics

Frequency Range

35-55 MHz Continuous Tuning

(No crystals required)

Power Requirements

1 and ½ volts (filament), 6 volts (relay)

67 ½ volts (receive) 135 volts (transmit)

Army battery BA-279 or two Ever-Ready #457

Or #467 and one 6 volt and one 1 ½ volt source.

Any combination of batteries in series can give the

Proper voltages.

All American accessories for the PRC 10 will work with this model. I have another PRC 10 that is U.S. and the hand set and antennas attach to this model.

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