ANA Grading Standards, 7th Edition, Now in Full Color

The Official ANA Grading Standards
for United States Coins, 7th Edition, Now in Full Color.

An Official Whitman Guidebook

This comprehensive and easy-to-use guide provides the official American Numismatic Association grading standards for every United States coin minted since 1793. Beginners, advanced collectors, and dealers will all find the text understandable and invaluable for grading coins, both circulation strikes and Proofs.

Best of all, Collectors around the country love the convenience of the hidden spiralbound edition. It opens up and lies flat on the table while you study your coin collection .


Every standard grade is illustrated and described in detail. Every coin is studied, from half cents to gold double eagles, plus comemoratives. Text descriptions of 30 levels help you pinpoint grades from Poor to Mint State. Detailed photographs show you exactly what to look for. All 11 levels of Mint State are discussed in detail. Now In Full-Color
Edited by: Kenneth Bressett Narrative by: Q. David Bowers Binding: Hidden Spiral, Hardback Cover ISBN:83824-9 Edition: 7th Size: 7 x 9
Pages: 384 Ships Free!

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