Anasazi Cibola Black on White Pitcher W/ Handle

This Anasazi Cibola Black on White Pitcher measures 6 3/4" tall.The pitcher is whole with no glue. It has it's original unbroken handle, although there is quite a bit of pitting on the handle and around the rim. About half of the rim is worn off. The bottom is concave and there is a figure painted under the handle(visible in close up photo) You can be the judge as to what this may be, i could not identify it.

From private land.

Dates from 1000-1100 A.D. Complete with NO RESTORATION. This piece is completely original and Guaranteed to be as described, original, authentic, and legal. COA and release form is provided with the purchase, giving area found, provenance and any other information I have on this piece. Any questions feel free to ask and I will answer as quickly as possible

Original, no restoration

All artifacts are authentic and described as accurately as possible. Buyer may return item if not as described within 7 days of delivery

This item has not been stolen, falsified, forged or restored without being herewith stated and further that this item has not been taken illegally from federal lands, state land, or indian lands in violation of the archeological protection act of 1979, NAGPRA or any other federal or state laws, and further that the seller and or consigner of the above
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