Anatomically Correct Barbie & Ken Doll Set-Articulated!


Renesme & Jacob

Up for your bidding consideration is this incredible, one-of-a-kind, hand-altered, articulated set of Anatomically Correct Barbie & Ken dolls...yes, Anatomically Correct! The gorgeous Ken doll is well endowed with good looks, very long, partially braided, blond hair, (this is the Ken as Legolis form the LOTR collection) and...well...other nice attributes as well. Barbie is blonde, blue-eyed and sweet all over! These dolls were "altered" and designed so that they can now consumate their long time love...and both dolls are fully articulated, which makes "posing" them that much more fun! P ease note that these are NOT precision artists' dolls...these are novelty dolls and were modified solely for entertainment purposes. A friend of mine performs the alterations, so that these lovely dolls are fully capable of "consummating" their long time relationship!

This auction includes both dolls as a set....they are sold nude. Please email me if you would like to view the nude and naughty photos of these dolls. (Include the specific address you would like the photos to be mailed to) .

I try to ship out items as fast as possible...generally, the day following receipt of payment (weekends and holidays excluded). Payment is expected and appreciated
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