Anatomically Correct Large Breasts Barbie Artist Doll

Anatomically Enhanced Doll

I have decided not to do any more of these dolls. They are too expensive and difficult to do. I have 3 made I will not be doing any more. They 3 I have finished look nothing alike.

This is a Customized Barbie Doll. She has been customized to be anatomically Enhanced. She has a Gorgeous modified Body. She is a really different and gorgeous doll. She is about 11.5 inches tall. She has been redone to have extra large breasts with nipples, hair down below, and female genitalia. She is unbelievably gorgeous with great looking curves. The doll has been radically modified with sculpted ribs, abs, waist and collerbone and then painted and sealed with very expensive paints. She is being sold with the outfit shown. This is a Barbie outfit that has just been deboxed and is new never used. Very nice quality on the outfit. Some Barbie clothes fit her but they are very tight or must fit loose on top. She is just stunning in or out of clothes.

I have been asked to do these types of dolls by lots of people. It has taken me 4 years to figure out how to mold sculpt and paint them. It is a very difficult, expensive and time consuming procedure. It is unlikely I will do very many and no 2 will be the same.

The doll I used was a rescue doll, she had been played with but was in good condition.
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