Very Rare Anchor Donaldson line TSS Athenia badge

Very rare badge/pin from the TSS Athenia. The Athenia was torpedoed by German sub UB-30 on 3rd September 1939. She was on her way from Glasgow to Quebec and Montreal. Over 200 souls were lost, 20 of them US citizens.

Badge in nice condition.

The Donaldson Liner Athenia, on charter to Cunard, had already left Glasgow on the 1st September and was heading for Montreal with 1100 passengers, more than 300 of which were American. Many were women and children. On the evening of September 3 rd , she was sighted by the U-30 about 250 miles northwest of Inishtrahull, Northern Ireland. She was running without lights. Before sailing all German U boats had been issued with strict orders to operate within the Prize Rules, international laws governing the conduct of war at sea. This was known as the Hague convention. Merchant ships were to be stopped and searched, if they were found to be carrying enemy cargo, they could be sunk. This was only after the crew had been seen safely into lifeboats. U-30 had received this signal. Upon sighting the ship, Lemp decided there and then that she was an Armed Merchant Cruiser and shadowed her, watching her zig-zig pattern and course and speed.

Lemp attacked the Athenia without warning. He fired two torpedoes, one of which exploded amidships, ripping open the bulkhead between the
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