Anchor MPA-5000, Liberty Xtreme Powered Speaker

Anchor MPA-5000, Liberty Xtreme Powered Speaker 274628 Anchor MPA-5000 (AC Only) 1 Audio Good Average
Description: Anchor MPA-5000 Liberty Xtreme, Powered Audio Speaker.
A single PA unit switchable to either an efficient voice-projecting system or a full-range music quality system. Features: Handles crowds of 2,500 or more, Project/Music Button, Balanced, switchable mic/line input (accepts any microphone or any line level source), Unbalanced line input accepts any line level audio source, AC accessory outlet powers auxiliary components or systems, Balanced line out supplies line level signal to additional systems.
MPA-5000 Specifications:
rated power output:
low frequency amp: 90 watts
high frequency amp: 40 watts
max SPL @ rated power: 115 dB; 122 dB project mode ¿on¿
frequency response: 80 Hz - 15 kHz
project mode ¿on¿: +8 dB from 2 - 12 kHz
Bass / Treble control: 8 db cut / boost @ 100 Hz, 8 kHz
Line Input: 1/4"-phone, Hi-Z, unbalanced
Mic Input: XLR female, Lo-Z, 15 VDC phantom power
Balanced Input: XLR female, switchable mic/line level
15 VDC phantom power (switchable)
Anchor CD Input: audio & power for Anchor CD-1 CD player
sensitivity for rated output:
unbalanced line: -18 dBV (125 mVrms)
balanced mic: -58 dBV (1.25 mVrms)
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