Rare ancient Bronze roman Rings.

DESCRIPTION : Rare ancient Bronze Rings beautiful

Diameter: 18.00 mm. Size: 7.5 US

The history of the Roman world is an epic story which stretches out over the course of more than two millennia - the story of an small group of villages which went on to dominate a major part of the western world and was to substantially define its culture. It is obviously impossible to summarize the entire history within a few lines. However, most chronologies distinguish between the following phases:

Origins and Roman Monarchy(753 - 509 B.C.) , a somewhat less familiar period, at the end of which Roman territory was only one small area, Latium, which remained threatened on all sides by Italic and Etruscan peoples. The Roman Republic (509 - 27 B.C.) paved the way for the institutions, administration and organizational structures that were to sustain the force of Rome. By 264 B.C.., Rome controlled the entire Italian peninsula. Its ambition would then be to dominate the Mediterranean. Following the destruction of Carthage in 146, this was achieved for the western part. Macedonia, allied with Carthage, was then defeated, and Greece was “liberated” from the Macedonians in 194. Rome occupied what is today the Turkish coastline. Julius Caesar was at the origin of the change which, within a few years (49-29 B.C.) would change
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