Ancient Celtic finger ring (size ~7), 800-500BC, Danube Area

Authentic bronze Ancient Celtic ring money, 800-500 BC

Size: 0.87" (22mm) outer and 0.68" (17mm) inner diameter, 0.18"(4.5mm) height . Weight 4.12g. Size ~7 Notes: We do not clean our rings - we sell them as they come from hoards after washing with warm water to remove the adhering dust.
This is an ancient Celtic finger ring with nice patina - it was a part of a large hoard of Celtic ring money dug out a few years ago, but this is not a ring money - it has a flat smooth inner surface. It is most probable that the ring was just tossed into a pile of Celtic ring money because of the similar size, and might have been used both as a finger-ring and a money-ring.
Before the introduction of struck coinage in Celtic lands, Celtic ring money were used as currency in Danube area, England, Ireland and France.
So you can touch with your fingers the magical Celtic past.

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