Ancient Chinese Bronze War Helmet

I bought this bronze war helmet from an antique dealer when I visited Kunming, China in 1998. He told me it was "at least 700 years old". I am not an expert in Chinese antiquities so I can not confirm this, only to say it is obviously quite old as you can see from the pictures. I notice most of the helmets up for sale on ebay are from China so is one you can get shipped from good 'ol Gettysburg PA, having already made the trip accross.

I expect that enough people look at this site who know what they are looking for so I am offering this no reserve and let the market determine the value. Have at it and if you have any questions along the way I can help with I'll do my best.

Whoever has this shipped will undoubtedly want to insure it and I don't know what this will be so I'm setting the shipping at $20 with the understanding that if the costs of shipping and insurance exceed this, the buyer will cover this. Thanks.!