Ancient Chinese Jade carved Buddha necklace

This is a very old Jade Buddha that is carved on both sides and he measures a whopping 2 1/2Ã,Â" long ( weighs 66 grams ) . I have more photos if you want to email me. He holds a lotus flower ( there is some indication in Buddhist cosmology that the lotus was the first flower that bloomed in the beginning of this cosmic world).Flowers symbolizing purity, longevity and prosperity of the Buddhist religion. In Buddhist Iconography, the Brahma holds Lotus in hands and is known as Padumapani deity, to symbolize eternity, purity and prosperity of his divine powers. The hand tied knots are frequently used on monkÃ,Â's garments or drapes in temples signifying good luck. These are elegant knots that are used on this necklace. The length is 22-26Ã,Â" because it has a sliding knot at the top so you can adjust it. This jade buddha is in great condition and the carving is very detailed, even on the back.