Ancient Early Byzantine Christian Bonze Stamp Ring with Cross Motif 400-500 AD

AncientEarly Byzantine Christian Bonze Stamp Ring with Cross Motif 400-500 AD

About The Roman Jewelry

Apart from gold and other precious metals, Romans used glass to make their jewelry. Roman jewelry gives us an insight into the culture of this ancient country.

Just like other ancient civilizations, Rome also had its distinct strata of social classes. In the Roman society, jewelry was worn for indicating the social status of a person and attaching pieces of clothing rather than beautification. Gold was used by the artisans and jewelers for carving the adornments and jewelry as it was believed to be the metal of the Gods and supposed to have descended from the sun. Other than gold, the materials used in jewelry making were bronze, Roman glass, bone beads and precious gemstones which were excavated from far off places like Persia, Far East, Indus Valley, etc. Diamonds, emeralds and sapphires found their way from the silk route to the Roman land to appease the rich and mighty of this civilization.

About the Roman Rings

Romans liked to wear big rings which drew attention and revealed the status of the wearer. A gold ring often contained a huge gemstone or Roman glass which was generally worn by the Senators and the bureaucrats. The common people referred as the Plebeians were allowed to wear
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