Ancient Wisdom ~ Sugarblade Quartz Madagascar

This angel has much to teach us, an ancient, stunningly luminescent Atlantean Lovestar Candle QUARTZ! These names do not even begin to do justice to the energy of these wonderful crystals. They are filled with love and nurturing energy. They are wonderful healers of the heart chakra as well as other emotional issues too. Gentle and patient by nature, their energy soothes, reassures, and boosts your spirits. They have the energy of earth mothers. This Beauty has CASCADING ELESTIALTerminations, Facial Etchings, and calming Energy. This crystal fits comfortably in your hand, encouraging you to rub your fingers over her varied textures. She has a tiny, tiny contact mark on her termination. Please see pictures below. Measures: 5.50" x 2.25"

Weighs: 1 4.2 ounces or just under 1LB

Healing Properties:

Elestial Quartz Crystal Recognized by multi- terminations on the body and/or faces of a layered and/or etched crystal. An elestial is far more complex, both energetically and geometrically, than a "single" crystal. If a point, a single "ordinary" crystal, is a calculator, an elestial is a computer with a pre-installed programme. It appears that programme has something to do with direction, focusing and integrating the "ordinary" crystals in the "group" they appear
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