Ancient Fossil Bellerophon Gastropod Stone Sea Shell Over 300 MYO 56.7 Grams

Hi Friends, Presented for sale is an Ancient Fossil Bellerophon Gastropod Seashell Over 300 Million Years Old 57.7 Grams. This is an interesting Kansas City bellerophon specimen which has some bits of coral it the matrix. The limestone in Kansas City is Upper Pennsylvanian Era from a time when KC was near the west coast of the continent of Pangaea in a shallow inland sea. For a long time I had wrongly thought these were nautilus nautiloid shells because these gastropod have a very similar shape to nautiloid. I had thought I was seeing faint suture lines on some of these but is probably dendrite minerals. The sure clue which I should have realized was these gastropod are missing the chambering lines seen on most nautilus ammonite specimens on the inside and outside of the shell. These are still interesting hard to find specimens. These may not be predator ammonite nautiloid, but I once had a snail in my aquarium which ate all the fish. These large gastropod may have been one of the main predators of the Upper Pennsylvanian Era. Back when this sea snail lived, days and nights were only a third as long as now. The Earth spun at a faster rate of speed and was probably a smaller size planet at that time. It is even plausible that the continents all fit together at one time on the whole Earth before the planet expanded. Water could have ... read more