Ancient Gold Coin / Very Old Gold Coin. Unknown.

I have been working on an old Jewelers/Watchmakers shop here in New Orleans. This shop is located in the French Quarter. As you can see by my previous listings, I have found quite a few things while removing the foundation. Here is another. I found three of these. All three very close in weight. I gave one to the owner. ( He has been one great guy to work with) I am keeping one. This one is for sale.
This was found about 2 feet down next to the remains of a fireplace. I brought this home and cleaned it with a soft tooth brush and mild soap. I tested this on my touch stone with 14k acid. Nothing happened. It is at or above 16k pure Gold. I have no Idea where this is from. I have done about 5 hours of research and could find nothing that matches the markings on this coin. Any help is much appreciated. I got this back from my coin dealer. He says " its very old" He sent it off to his other store. Outside of knowing it tests above 14kt and in and around 16kt I got no other information except that I was offered spot price, after saying no, I was offered double spot price, I still refused. He then asked me what I wanted for it. I was honest, I don't know what it is worth. I figure there are a lot more coin collectors here then at his disposal. Weight it 7.9 grams. At its widest it is 17.64 mm At its thickest it is 4.45 mm
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